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Nursing Education. Master's Degree in Nursing Sciences

Master’s Degree in Nursing Sciences

The Master’s Degree in Nursing Sciences must offer the bases to develop a higher level and in several clinical-healthcare settings, the ability to analyse needs, plan, design and manage interventions, evaluate and conduct research (for a detailed description of the competences of nurses with a Master’s Degree, please see Annex I – Decree 2nd April 2001, annex I/S. Classes of the Master’s Degrees in Nursing Sciences and Midwifery). 

The continuous evolution of the National Health Service and the changes involving cures extensively widen the range of positions (and competences) that nurses with a Master’s Degree may cover: from had of the nursing services of a hospital, to the coordination of a department or a complex unit, or of a Team, up to case management, the coordination of refresher courses for the staff and lifelong education, as educator, professor and tutor.

In order to cover these positions it is necessary to have transversal skills (as well as specific knowledge) and the ability to implement them in to different settings.

So, each university may build curricula that include the clinical, managerial or educations areas, but at the same time they may even decide to develop or privilege one of these three areas.

The Min. Decree 270/04 changed the name of the Specialized Degree Course into “Master’s Degree”.

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