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The Profession

The Profession

The Decree 739/94 on the definition of the nurse’s professional profile represents a milestone in the professionalization process of nursing.

The Ministerial Decree 739/94 recognises that nurses are responsible for general nursing, it defines the nature of the interventions, the operational scopes, the methodology of the work, the interrelations with other healthcare workers, the professional scopes of cultural and operational deepening and the five areas of specialized training (public health, paediatrics, mental health/psychiatry, geriatrics and critical care).

The profile outlined by the decree is that of an intellectual professional, who is competent, autonomous and responsible.

The same definition on the activity and competence areas are established also for the paediatric nurses (Ministerial Decree 70/97) and for other twenty professional profiles, among which that of the healthcare assistant (Min. Decree 69/97), the midwife, the rehabilitation therapist, the laboratory technician, etc. 
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