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The World Health day 2006: the contribution of Italian Nurses


The Board of Directors of the Federation and the National Council of the IPASVI Colleges accepted with enthusiasm the WHO’s proposal to their partner in the organization of the World Health Day, that will be celebrated world-wide on 7th April 2006. This invitation was particularly appreciated because it underlines the value WHO gives to the nursing profession as a fundamental resource for a good functioning of the healthcare systems throughout the world: both in the most advanced settings of the Western World and in those Countries struggling against the worst forms of poverty, famine and backwardness.

Whatever the setting and whatever the situation, nurses have the fundamental duty of providing the best possible care to whoever is in need, in order to promote health and carry out an indispensable activity of prevention and healthcare education for all populations.

But the health workforce crisis involves, even though in different percentages, most of the Countries around the world. As a matter of fact, the financial policies of many Governments still keep on considering funding for the education and the enhancement of healthcare workers, and in particular nurses, as a cost that has to be reduced to the minimum, rather than a resource. This is a short-sighted vision that led to outcry the emergency on the lack of nurses even in Italy, a Country that certainly cannot be compared to the dramatic realities of the poorest Countries of the World, but which in the past has discouraged our youth from choosing this profession.

The key message the WHO wants to emphasize through this year’s World Health Day is precisely the development of the health professions, which is instrumental to win the challenge of ensuring the access to appropriate healthcare services to all the inhabitants of the World. 

As always, nurses wish to give their contribution to this battle of civilization without boundaries: today their message is to further awaken Governments and public opinion, so that the safeguard of health becomes the true priority aim for all. 

By Annalisa Silvestro
President of the National Federation of the IPASVI Colleges 
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